Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sleep, Shaving Cream & Toads

SLEEP - At my house I like to stay on a schedule when it comes to my kids - for their sake and for mine. And this means that when it comes to naptime Dorian rarely misses it and so when he does this is what happens- Uh, Dorian would you like some dinner with that dream?

SHAVING CREAM - When you are mommy to an almost 2 year old and you also care for another child M - F you are always looking for fun things to entertain them and sometimes this is what you end up with-

Dorian can't wait to dig in!

This is fun!

Oh ya!

Doesn't this look like fun!

TOADS - Larissa is absolutely fascinated with them and so when she found one in the flowers by her swingset she decided to make it her pet for a little while. She even named him Toady.

Please don't squish him to death!

How cute!

Toady playing in his habitat.

Toady doing a dance on his rock.

Toady and Larissa had quite a day together. Toady got to swing on the swingset, go for a ride on the remote control car and then he went for a walk to a nearby creek were he was released into his natural habitat. Larissa did want to keep him for a pet, but we reminded her that we have 2 dogs that would be more than happy to make a toy out of him.

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