Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I can remember my first Mother's Day - I was just 3 months pregnant and I was filled with excitement about this miracle growing inside me. I did receive some cards saying something like "Happy Mother's Day to the Mom To Be!", but more than that I remember giving Myron a card, letting him know how excited I was to be the mommy of our baby. I am sure Myron thought I was being a little silly.

Little did I realize that my life would never be the same. No more sleep, no more showers (well maybe once a week), no more S*E*X, no more figure. But even better I now had this little beautiful baby girl who would bring more joy to my life than I could ever imagine possible! Seriously, Larissa was a very easy baby. She ate good, she slept good, and she was a happy baby. Myron and I often joked that if we ever decided to have another baby it would be the complete opposite.

And then 4 years later we found out just how different 2 babies could be and just how different life would be as a family of 4. Dorian was a great eater, but that was the problem if he wasn't nursing he was crying. And therefore I spent alot of time feeling like an overmilked cow! Dorian is not and has not been a good sleeper. He screams and screams and screams and sometimes falls asleep just to awaken a few hours later screaming and then I finally give in (because I want to sleep) and I bring him in bed with us. I love snuggling with my little boy!

It was extremely hard for me to adjust to having 2 children instead of 1. I was always wondering if I was spending enough time with Larissa because Dorian was so demanding of me. I cried. I thought I was not being a good mom. But now I look back and I think I can blame it on the hormones!

I truly enjoy watching my children grow, learn and discover the many things around them. I love being a mommy (most days). And the best Mother's Day gift I could receive, I already have. And that would be my little princess Larissa and my little prince Dorian.

I love you Larissa and Dorian! And no matter how big and grown up you get you will always be my little prince and princess!

Mommy with Princess Larissa and Prince Dorian

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Graduation & Birthday Little Sis!

Congratulations Class of 2009!!!

Today is a big day for my little sister (only littler than me by 22 months, 25 lbs., and a couple inches). Today she celebrates her 31st birthday and she will also receive her nursing pin. And then on Sunday she will officially graduate from U of A with her bachelor degree in nursing! It has been a long and difficult road for her (and her hubby) but she has persevered!

I have enjoyed hearing her many stories about her interesting classmates, her sometimes crazy patients and some very heartbreaking ones about her young patients at the children's hospital.

Mandy- I am so proud of you! I truly believe that it takes a very special person to do the work that you will be doing and I know that you will be the best you can be. Congratulations!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I know you are wondering why I have posted a picture of our "smelly" shoes. Well Myron and I have made a commitment to ourselves and to each other that we are going to train for and run a half marathon in September. And last weekend we went to a specialty shoe shop and got properly fitted for our jogging shoes. And here they are:

We have completed "Week 1" of our training program and we are both complaining of sore and achy bodies, but we will plug on! Even though we have not and probably will not be able to train together it is still great to know that we are working at this together and that we have the support and encouragement of our "best friend."

We welcome any advice or words of encouragement that you might have. And we will be sure to keep you updated on the training!