Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Baseball Practice

Finally, after 3 cancelled practices, Larissa had her first baseball practice. (1st practice - was way windy, 2nd practice - 6" of snow, 3rd practice - way too rainy)

Larissa loves her pink baseball mit!

Larissa finishing her first at bat. She hit 3 balls.

Larissa modeling her new baseball uniform. Go Red Sox!

So this is what happens to banana bread when your oven blows halfway through baking. Yes you end up with one very sunken banana bread!

And when your stove is broken, this is how you make breakfast! Thank God for the sunshine! I will be very thankful when the repair man comes tomorrow to fix my range!!

And there is a reason why they say this toy is not intended for children to ride in. That would be because the wheel might fall off. Do not try this at home.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

Thursday - pick up Myron's mom at the airport
Friday - dress kids in Easter outfits for a picture and color Easter eggs
Dorian & Larissa
Dorian & Larissa
(thank you Ned & Faith for your backyard!)

Larissa coloring easter eggs

Dorian coloring easter eggs

Want a kiss Babcha?

Saturday - IX Indoor Amusement Park

Dorian & Larissa on a ride
(Larissa loves being a big sister)

Larissa and Babcha on a ride

Dorian playing with the ducks
(there were not many rides for him)

Larissa loved the Petting Zoo

Sunday - Easter baskets and egg hunt at home, church, egg hunt and dinner at Nana and Papa's

Larissa got a princess alarm clock for Easter

Dorian wondering why he can't have some more candy?
Not at all interested in his Easter gift.

How many M&M's can Dorian fit in his mouth?

Larissa excited about her finds!

Dorian hunting for eggs at Nana & Papa's.

Larissa found an egg.

Dorian found one.

Larissa found a basket full!

And of course a family picture.
Hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter! We sure did. Lots of food, lots of candy and hopefully no new cavities!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's Dorian Been Up To?

Dorian got a haircut along with a big bump on the forehead
(yep, another trip to the doctor)

So after the bump we decided we are taking no more chances!

He is so excited about his belly button and everyone else's
(so look out, he might find yours next!)

Giving Heart!

So Larissa lost her first tooth and of course the tooth fairy made a visit to her that evening. Well she woke up to find a $20 bill under her pillow. That first tooth is made of gold, right? So I asked her what are you going to do with your $20. Larissa's response, "I am going to buy toys for the animals at the animal shelter." So that is exactly what we did. We headed off to Walmart to buy some toys and supplies for the Humane Society.

Larissa beaming at the "Self Check Out"

Larissa counting out her money

The Humane Society gave her a Certificate of Kindness for her donation

Larissa has been earning an allowance for the last 6 months. She has the potential of earning up to $5 per week. And at the end of each week she has to divide her $5 into three envelopes - Savings $2, Donation $1, Larissa $2(money to buy something for herself). So with her donations saved up of $23 and her $20 tooth fairy money she was able to purchase many nice toys and supplies for the animals.