Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Larissa!

I can hardly believe that Larissa is celebrating her 6th birthday already! She celebrated with her friends with a party at Bear On The Square. Today on her actual birthday she will be going on a field trip to the zoo and the fire station and then this evening she has requested to have dinner at Friendly's. She has never been there but saw a commercial and I think the ice cream is what hooked her. Hopefully she will not be disappointed! On Wednesday she will be bringing in ice cream cone cupcakes to share with her classmates. And then on Sunday she will be celebrating with extended family. And YES daddy will be designing this years cake, a teddy bear. And I have come to the realization that it should not be called a birth"day" but instead a birth"week" because the celebrations never all happen on one day. But guess what my little girl is worth every single celebration and "MORE"!

And guess what there is MORE, but I can't tell you because it's a SECRET. So you will just have to check back in about 2 weeks to find out just what the big SECRET is.

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Bailey's Leaf said...

I knew that her birthday was coming up! Happy birthday! We hope that you have a wonderful week!