Sunday, November 29, 2009


5 night stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge - $few
Souvenirs of all shapes, colors & sizes - $couple
Surprising Larissa with a trip to Walt Disneyworld - PRICELESS!

It was so worth the 4 months of keeping my mouth shut to see the shock and excitement on Larissa's face when we told her that we were on our way to the airport to go to WDW. She was so excited that she actually had tears in her eyes. And she loved every second of the trip.

Here we are all decked out in our Mickey and Minnie shirts ready to go!

Larissa even got to sit in the cockpit with the pilot.

Survived the flight -

bus ride to our hotel.

Day 1 we visited Epcot.
Japan was a big hit because Larissa had been learning about it in school.

Day 2 Babcha joined us for a day at Animal Kingdom.

The drums were a big "HIT."

Day 3 and 4 were spent at Magic Kingdom.

The carousel is always popular.

We suprised Larissa yet again with a visit to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
and then lunch at Cinderella's castle. She really looked like a princess!

I know that Dorian does not looked to thrilled to have his picture with Cinderella,
but this was the only character that he would even stand next to.
He loved all of the other characters as long as they stayed far away from him.
Day 4 was spent with our friend Kris at Magic Kingdom.
This trip never would have been possible without everything Kris did for us!
Well lunch with Winnie the Pooh and Friends was supposed to be a big surprise
for Dorian, but he wanted nothing to do with a photo with these big furry guys.
Larissa on the other hand was ready with a big smile.
Day 5 we went to Downtown Disney for some more shopping before we headed
to the airport. Woo Woo! (Dorian talk for dog) This was perfect because this
character didn't move, so we actually got a picture of Dorian.

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Bailey's Leaf said...

How funny! K- doesn't like furry characters either. Santa kind of still freaks her out.

Still, it looks like you had a fantastic time.