Monday, September 7, 2009

I am an Aunt!

Last weekend we traveled to NY for my brother in laws wedding. Wow, they sure know how to party! We had a great time. So I have a new sister in law as well as a niece. I am so happy to have them as a part of our family.

Larissa, Dorian & new cousin Sasha

Dorian - what a ladies man!

Sasha & Larissa
(They are 2 peas in a pod!)

Natalya, Andrij & Sasha
Such a cute family!

And only one small catastrophe for the entire weekend, Dorian got stepped on by one very pointy high heel and lost his toenail. It was quite tramatic when it happened but now he seems rather proud to show off his poor little boo boo. So what did mommy learn from all of this, not a good idea to let your little one go bare foot on the dance floor when he is surrounded by some very dangerous high heels!

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Bailey's Leaf said...

Congratulations and ouch! Glad that the little man is healing okay. I know that I had my foot trounced on by one of the New York Jets at my sister-in-law's wedding. It wasn't a heel, but a very heavy foot. Oh how I feel his pain.

So glad that all of you had a great time, though. Larissa looks very happy! :)